Vaping is the new trend these days. A growing number of people are preferring vaping e-hookahs over smoking regular cigarettes. Vaping is totally different from smoking because the concentrates or the e-juice is heated rather than burned. Vaping produces water vapor rather than cigarette smoke and ash when you use vapes

It involves inhaling water vapor through an electronic hookah or a vaporiser. When users draw on the vaporiser, its atomiser heats the e-juice, and thereby generates inhalable vapor.

A large number of people turn to vaping to kick their nicotine habit or to give up smoking harmful tobacco-filled cigarettes. Many users take up vaping as a hobby. The trend in which people are inhaling vapor from electronic hookahs and other vaping equipment is gaining more and more followers. It also has to be said that literally there are hundreds of available brands in the market place and the best vapes aout there are also suprisingly cheap vapes that are on sale.

As Greg Conley, president of the Vaping Association, an advocacy group that educates the public and government officials about financial and public health benefits offered by vapor products; said, "There's more consumer awareness around vaping products, and the technology has so vastly improved in the past five years."

Let's have a look at the various reasons why vaping is a better, healthy alternative to smoking:

Vaping contains NO harmful chemicals

The number of chemicals and carcinogenic compounds in cigarette smoke is around 4000 that include acetone, acrolein, carbon monoxide, isoprene, catechol, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, nitric oxide, pyridine and many more. All these chemicals are known to cause harmful effects on the body. While acetone is known to cause kidney and liver damage, carbon monoxide impacts heart and muscle function, phenol damages liver and central nervous system and so on. Whereas chemicals present in vapes include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol and flavorings which don't cause any harm to the body. Basically, the vape juice itself is harmless.

Vapor doesn't contain cancer causing chemicals

Tobacco filled cigarette smoke contain chemicals that lead to various types of cancers including lung cancer, cancer of the pancreas, kidney, urinary bladder, mouth, and throat. Whereas the best vapes don't pose any health hazard because theu do not contain any tobacco and tar. Vaping an e-cig only generates vapor and delicious flavor.

Nicotine is optional in vaporisers

While regular cigarettes contain nicotine, the best vapes or vaporizers gives the users an option to choose from nicotine-free best e-juice or the one containing little or high amount of nicotine. Users have the option to choose the nicotine level according to their tastes and preferences.

Vaporisers don't produce secondhand smoke

All the vaping equipment differs from regular tobacco-filled cigarettes in a way that there's no secondhand smoke associated with buying a vape vape juice .

Secondhand smoke from regular cigarettes makes you prone to lung cancer and various other types of cancer. Besides it is also bad for your heart. Whereas vaporisers or cheap vapes don't produce any offensive secondhand smoke. Rather vaping generates only vapor that is harmless.

Odorless vapor

Moreover the best e-juice when you buy vapes is completely odorless. The smell from the vapor does not cling to clothes and hair at all. It gives users the freedom to vape an e-hookah anywhere.

So you can see quite conclusively that people who buy vapes are not only helping themselves and others around them but also benefiting from lots of other advantages too.