If you hear a former tobacco smoker talking about vaping, you might think that they have taken up some new drug habit or something that you have never heard of and probably would not want to try, but if you are a tobacco smoker too, you might want to read up and find out exactly what vaping is. It is very similar to smoking tobacco only there is no real tobacco used or any real smoke inhaled. You might wonder if they are are using some kind of fake tobacco, but no, they are not. However, an electric cigarette , known as a vape, user does still get the nicotine they want, the difference is that it is in a liquid form that is mixed with water and other ingredients to provide the taste and sensation of smoking tobacco.

You might also wonder what the difference is then if the e-cigarette taste like tobacco and feels like smoking tobacco. The answer to that is there are a lot of real differences that really matter when buying the best vapes. Burning tobacco produces toxic smoke and tar. This is what eventually causes disease and death to tobacco cigarette smokers. This is no secret to anyone. Everyone knows tobacco smoking is very hazardous to your health.

While no one is trying to claim that even vaping is a wonderful thing to do, when compared to burning and inhaling tobacco, it is a much better choice because the ingredients found in the nicotine liquid of the e-cigarette are thought to be https://www.happydragonvaping.com to use by most researchers and there is no tar. The fact that there is no tar alone makes it at least fifty percent better than smoking tobacco even without considering the differences in the chemical content of both products.

The majority of substances used in the best e-liquid are water, flavorings, and nicotine. Another ingredient that you might never have heard of is propylene glycol. This is used to deliver the nicotine liquid to the user in the form of the vapor. Propylene glycol is already used in so many products you already use and is an FDA approved substance as are the other ingredients used. While the electric cigarette itself has not yet been FDA approved, it is hoped and believed that FDA approval is just around the corner.

If you would like to try the electric cigarette as a replacement for your tobacco smoking, you can order a starter kit on-line for less than one hundred ponds. That might sound expensive, but when consider that you also get a whole bottle of vape juice which is the equivalence of ten packs of tobacco cigarettes in you see that you are not actually paying that much for the vaping device at all. Ten packs of tobacco cigarettes alone would cost you at least fifty dollars! One e-liquid filter is approximately the same as one pack of cigarettes and will last you all day.