Vaping is the key feature of electric cigarettes and it greatly depends on the amount of vapors formed by them. The nicotine concentration along with the flavor chosen together generates the taste for the smoker.

Among some of the features that must be considered for having the best electronic cigarette is vaping. The smoker if not getting good amount of vapors then he might suppose of thinking that it is just a fake and there is no reality in getting the same taste as claimed.

Most of the manufacturers of the cigarettes try to make cigarettes that look like the traditional cigarette which means cartridge of brown color and battery is looked like the tobacco filled pat in white color. The tip of the battery is often in orange and red color in order to generate the same looks as of real ones.

Realistic experience of smoking is being tried to be delivered to the smokers. Also, different colors and designs of e cigs are available in the market to choose from. Typical colors are: white, black, red, and pink. The designs may vary from pen style to traditional cigarette looks.

Vapor volume or amount needs to be considered while purchasing electric cigarette. How many vapors can be attained in just one puff is a big consideration for most of the smokers. In general, more volumes would create more satisfactory smoking experience. The filling of the cartridge needs to be considered and you can choose from the concentration of the nicotine.

The range from 0mg to 18mg is normally available for the smokers to choose. So, we can say that vaping is now an enriched experience with number of flavors and the user can enjoy anyone he wants.

The best electronic cigarette provides of the flavors to their customers. Flavors of strawberry, vanilla, menthol, coffee, tobacco and many others are offered. In the starter kit, cartridges are prefilled with nicotine along with four to five extra cartridges filled with different flavors.

This way the user can enjoy number of flavors without moving out from the cost limitations. The reason is that they are highly cost effective for the smokers. So, cost is also one of the factors of botheration for the smokers in order to have vaping by utilizing these cigarettes.

These cigarettes are also pocket friendly means they are portable and easy to carry wherever the smoker wants to take it. In real cigarettes, the user has to keep up with the cigarettes packs and the lighter and whenever he feels the need of smoking he might be searching for the lighter or the pack.

Portability leads to facilitate vaping as you are no more puzzled for keeping up a lot of stuff while traveling. Also, vaping do not cause disturbance in the surrounding environment. The smoke of normal cigarette takes time in getting dissolved into the air and causes air pollution whereas they emit vapors that get dissolve into air in just few seconds.